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Gabriela Samia Badillo / Chilangolandía y Andalucía en la Poesía

Miércoles 24 de octubre de 2007, por kobra

Chilangolandia y Andalucía en la Poesía, Una producción de Clon Radio en coordinaciòn con el Colectivo Chilango Andaluz.

Tercera Sesión bajo las palabras de Gabrila Samia Badillo; Boca Número. 2, La caja y Momento hacia Ítaca; son parte de la creación de esta excelente poeta. 




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  • Hola Gabriela,
    Soy guatemalteca y soy alumna de intercambio en la BUAP, estudio antropología pero me gusta mucho escribir... llegué a tu blog por casualidad y vi que habias tomado talleres de creación literaria con E. Toral y D. Sada. Estoy buscando talleres literarios y me gustaría que me contaras que tal te parecieron ellos, son jóvenes, didácticos? Nunca tomé un taller y me da como pena lanzarme... a ver qué me dices.

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    • Gabriela Samia Badillo / Chilangolandía y Andalucía en la Poesía 11 de junio de 2012 01:17, por flDQiKDvhjyOiSQ

      After having read my story I would love to eipxaln my journey: It seems very important for me that the world understands that the practice of Growing Into Light helped me to do my work in the favela. without it I won’t be where I am now.When I started the Growing Into Light journey 2 years ago, I was far away to reach to my inner-self and to clean myself. I was heavily struggling with my evils. It is a tough ride, because you need to face your ego, you need to sit with yourself and write the truth. This is sometime like a bomb, you whole body is reacting!!!! I do not count the hours I spent in front of my notebooks, I do not count how many pencils I used and still use.I spend weeks screaming at the ocean and crying out. I haven’t done that for years!!! So painful and still what a relief.One of the guardians guided me during a fire ceremony (my first one and it was on a full moon night) . All night long I burnet pages and pages of writing!!! tears, laugh, joy, darkness and light were that night.With patience and dedication the guardian lighted the fire and fired me with tambour, songs and her power of healing.Yes, I did it the spiritual way!!! It was magnificent. Excellent. I remember I cried like a wolf for days and nights. I was so scared of these devils, inside of me they were attack me. Once more guardians came to calm me down, to heal me this small girl that I was -, the small girl that no one will hurt again. I have passed this. Now I can stand myself and allowed myself to TRUST people.I remember risking my life to send some letters I sent one to my parents blaming them for what they have do to me . It took me days to write these letters. It came deep down from my heart, and huge challenge for myself. As soon as the letters was sent out, the process of forgiven started , for me it was the only way to continue my own journey to be freed of them. It took me almost a year and half to live without the spell my parents had put on me. Mother Earth loves me, that people around me love me and most of all that I love myself.Not so long ago I understood the art of let it go to give up control .To love unconditionally. To live with my fears I think i could write so much more details. The practice Growing Into Light is based upon unity. All of us are sharing and helping each other!!! Each of us is on its own journey. What is good for me doesn’t mean is good for youThe practice is helping me, to understand the old beliefs accepting them, to bring them into the light .. The ritual, the dance, the music, the writing, to live right next to the ocean and in the middle of the forest, to connect with Mother Earth, to use the crystal All this helped me My mind feels so light . One day one of the guardians told me the first 5 weeks are the most difficult. After having passed this 5 weeks, I was so proud of my myself I wanted the Guardian be proud of me as well and I finally I understood that it was only the beginning. is all about long life practicing.I am lucky and grateful to went on this path of Growing Into Light. My guardian Regina Cohen guided me with so much power and love. Today I can harvest my learnings: I grew into light and I can face reality, truth, integrity, discipline unconditional love, trust and spirituality ..

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